What to do in Sapa (Part 2)


Visit plum gardens in Sapa

Sapa has many kinds of delicious plums such as Ta Lu plum, Ta Van plum, yellow plum, red plum, Tam Hoa plum, one of the best plum is Hau plum.

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These days the heat has started to appear in the capital Hanoi. People have seen sporadically there are some shops of selling plums on street. There are all kinds of plums originated from Moc Chau, Sapa, Ha Giang … prices are also different. Take a Sapa tour this time you will be visiting lots of plum gardens and  taste ripened fruit.

Sapa plum is not too sweet, big and beautiful like Chinese plum, but it has a sour taste, a little chewy, small seeds , succulent and safe for health should be very popular. Anyone who has come here and bought a few more nights to eat and make gifts for relatives, friends, there are people who buy oats.

Heaven Gate via Vietnam Travel Guides

Visit Heaven Gate

Nowadays, when referring to the gates of heaven, people often think of Ha Giang, where has Quan Ba ​​heaven gate. But not many people know that when you travel to sapa you will also know another port of heaven. From here you can go to admire the Fansipan– the rooftop of Indochina. Out of the town of Sapa, go to the north about 18 km, the road to the Heaven Gate is in the middle  mountains. This passageway is called Tram Ton pass, is between majestic Hoang Lien Son range. And Sapa’s heaven gate is the pinnacle of this pass.

Standing in the middle of Sapa’s Heaven Gate, you can see the green valley below, with green fields and carriageways swirling Phong Tho (Lai Chau) – Sapa (Lao Cai), far from the Silver Waterfall – one of the 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Lao Cai. You’ll see young people exploring here. High about 200m, Silver Waterfall’s sound is contributed to the sound of the forest and mountain here.

Just stand there and see the infinite space and forward reach. In the sky , you could also admire the Fansipan’s peak. Underneath the Heaven Gate, there are deep chasms with primitive forest cover contains many unexplored mysteries.

Sapa love market via Vietnam Travel

Discover the love market

This is not the place where emotional trafficking takes place as many people mistakenly believe. Travelers to Sapa travel understand that here, the love, the meaning is not sold, nor bought anyone but all based on the principle of freedom, voluntary. In other words, the love market is a place where dating couples are the place to send love and affection for their subjects culturally and delicately.

If tourists have enjoyed the famous Sapa market of indigenous people here, perhaps the Sapa love market with a distinct characteristic also makes them more curious and interested. The love market is usually held every Saturday evening with many special activities. At this love market, young men and women in the northwestern villages will come here to meet and exchange emotions with many bustling activities such as blowing of leaves, singing love exchanges …

After the market, there are many couples who have become more intimate, even some of whom have become partners for hundreds of years. Sapa love market is usually held in the yard at the Sapa Stone Church. From the afternoon, under the street and at the church yard, there were many women wearing splendid costumes, silver rings, etc. At one corner, There are a few boys around the girls, dance and sing the songs of love in ethnic languages.

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