What to do in Sapa (Part 1)


Sapa is one of the most famous and visited destination in the north of Vietnam. This land attracts tourists not only with the beautiful natural landscape but also by many interesting experiences to explore the people and nature. Here are sone suggestions for you when travelling in Sapa.

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Visit beautiful flower gardens in Sapa

Nature has bestowed this beautiful land a peaceful climate, especially  warm spring and cool summers, but without losing the typical weather of this area. Therefore, the vegetation is extremely rich, it naturally has its inherent characteristics. Among them, this area has many kinds of flowers and Sapa flower gardens.

Orchid garden on Ham Rong Mountain

Ham Rong Mountain is one of Sapa tourism’s most popular tourist attractions. Not only is the most beautiful sight of Sapa town, but the road to the summit of Ham Rong is also famous for  thousands of blooming flowers throughout the year. That place is exactly the garden of Sapa tourism with the familiar flowers in the country and also the strange flowers imported from outside.

The gathering of nearly 6,000 orchid pots belonging to hundreds of different species, the names are strange but also very interesting. These orchids are blooming all year round, so whenever coming to Sapa, tourists could admire them.

Rose garden in Muong Hoa valley via Vinsmart Travel

Rose garden in Muong Hoa valley

Here, in addition to the beauty of the green terraced fields in the summer, the beauty of many flowers also make tourists travel Sapa can not refuse. Highlighted on it, there are red roses blossom the fragrance early in the morning at ATI resort eco resort. The ecological zone covers an area of ​​about 22 hectares with almost a million roots of roses originating from France spread on terraced fields or planted alternately in winding paths.

Azaleas on Fansipan Mountain

Imagine the conquest of Fansipan Mountain will only know the fatigue, when tourists travel to Sapa on the contrary will feel very excited. They will not be surprised because this is the kingdom of  colorful flowers – azaleas. Despite the difficult terrain, nature is quite harsh, flowers that every 3 months are still racing blooming. There are over 30 species of azaleas in five main colors: yellow, red, white, purple, pink. On the Hoang Lien Range, this flower is more energetic than ever before, stretching out to the sun, wind, they become old trees centuries old.

Brocade in Sapa via Vietnam travel

Buy brocade products as souvenirs

Brocade weaving in Sapa is one of the long-standing traditions of this land. Sapa’s brocades fabric is hand-woven fabrics that have lots of patterns which is floated on the fabric’s surface as they were embroidered. Almost brocade weaving mainly comes from villages of ethnic minorities and women are the main workers of this profession.

Brocade weaving in Sapa was formed long ago with the original purpose of making products to serve themselves, their families or in a small community together. As the tourist rushes to this land, the products made from brocade turn into a unique Sapa souvenir item, attracting the attention of visitors. Brocade products are hand-woven so it is very skillful and sophisticated, high quality with unique patterns and textures, so visitors are very fond of, especially foreign visitors. They bought it for use, as a gift to the family or simply to commemorate their trip in Sapa, seeing brocades as a reminder of the beautiful villages. There are some famous brocade villages: Ta Phin, Cat Cat, Ta Van.

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